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14 Best Things to Do In Glenwood Springs


A lovely resort town that sits in the charming Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Springs is a popular weekend getaway destination for many adventurous travelers who wish to enjoy the great outdoors. If you wish to soak in the mineral hot springs, enjoy outdoor activities like horseback riding, roller coasters, canyon swings, and hiking trails, or explore underground natural steam filled caves, a visit to Glenwood Springs is simply a must. To help you discover some of the town’s finest attractions, we’ve put together a list of best things to do in Glenwood Springs. 

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park
Courtesy of Glenwood Caverns

1. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Welcome to the Glenwood Springs Caverns Adventure Park, a lovely family amusement park that is nestled at the top of the famous Iron Mountain. The park is home to many cool attractions ranging from fun rides to underground landscapes and a 4D Motion Theater.

Visit the King’s Row, one of the loveliest cave rooms in all of Colorado and go on a 40-minute long guided tour of the Glenwood Caverns where you can admire Glenwood Springs’ magnificent underground landscape.

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool
By christoph.schrey

2. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Established in the 19th century, Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is the world’s largest hot springs pools and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Glenwood Springs. Vacationers can unwind in the naturally heated pool with mineral waters which is over two blocks long and offers magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains.  If you are visiting in summer, there are waterslides for kids and cabana rentals available. The pool is open daily throughout the year and has designated swim lanes.

Glenwood Canyon
By Steven Martin

3. Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Canyon has been a national natural landmark here in Glenwood Springs since 2011. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers who wish to experience the beauty of the region and take in magnificent views of the majestic canyon.

Hop on a train and enjoy a breathtaking drive that takes you to different sections of the canyon including Hanging Lake, Grizzly Creek, No Name, and Glenwood Canyon Recreation where you can go hiking or biking. In case you decide to rent a bike, the good news is that many bicycle rentals have drop off locations.

Hotel Colorado
Courtesy of Hotel Colorado

4. Hotel Colorado

There are many amazing Glenwood Springs hotels, but the famous Hotel Colorado is definitely one of the best properties in the city. Opened back in 1893, Hotel Colorado is located in downtown Glenwood Springs and offers easy access to attractions such as Glenwood Hot Springs, Yampah Spa, and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. From modern amenities and nicely decorated rooms to world-class dining options, this hotel is an ideal place to stay when visiting Glenwood Springs.

Downtown Glenwood Springs Shopping
By J. Stephen Conn

5. Downtown Glenwood Springs Shopping

Shopaholics will be happy to hear that downtown Glenwood Springs offers plenty of shopping options. Whether you wish to purchase local sweets and second-hand books or you are interested in buying home decors and outdoor gears, the downtown area offers something for everyone. Don’t forget to stop by the Glenwood shopping district at Grand Copper avenues where you will find everything from small boutiques and locally-owned shops to the large Glenwood Meadows mall.

Hanging Lake
Courtesy of Wikipedia

6. Hanging Lake

If you wish to enjoy nature and outdoor activities while staying in Glenwood Springs, make sure to check out the fabulous Hanging Lake. Located on the cliffs of Glenwood Canyon, Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs is a crystal-clear lake with picturesque waterfalls. To reach the lake, you’ll need to go on a moderate mile-long hike. The trail is a bit steep, but the views from the top are just amazing and worth the hike.

Frontier Historical Museum
Courtesy of The Glenwood Springs Historical Society

7. Frontier Historical Museum

Discover one of the best Glenwood Springs secrets, the extraordinary Frontier Historical Museum. This historic house allows visitors to discover Glenwood Springs and Garfield County history and houses a variety of permanent exhibits, publications, and other educational programs.

The materials and artifacts related to the history of the town are well-preserved and guided tours of the museum are available. Keep in mind that the guided tours of the Frontier Historical Museum have to be booked at least one day in advance.

Sunlight Mountain Resort
Courtesy of Sunlight Mountain Resort

8. Sunlight Mountain Resort

When it comes to Glenwood Spring’s resorts, one of the must-visit places is the incredible Sunlight Mountain Resort. Located just a short drive from the town, this family-friendly, skiing, and snowboarding destination feature both beginner and intermediate runs.

Adrenaline junkies can look forward to visiting the resort’s East Ridge and its black diamond runs. It is worth mentioning that the Sunlight Mountain Resort also offers plenty of summertime activities. 

Glenwood Canyon Hiking Biking
By Alltrails

9. Glenwood Canyon Hiking Biking Trail

If cycling is your jam, make your way to the beautiful Glenwood Canyon Hiking Biking Trail. This 14-mile long trail allows vacationers to admire the surrounding natural sceneries, get up close to the canyon’s wildlife residents, and unwind at picnic spots along the route.

Besides exploring the canyon and enjoying a family picnic, you can also join many anglers who gather here and fish the riverbanks. This is also a pet-friendly trail and dogs on leashes are welcome to join the fun.

Sayre Park

10. Sayre Park

Located in the center of Glenwood Springs, Sayre Park is an excellent place to reconnect with nature and enjoy the picturesque grass open space. There are many outdoor activities to look forward to at this magnificent town park such as tennis courts, horseshoes, volleyball, and even baseball. Many public events are held here throughout the year including the famous Strawberry Days festival.

Doc Holliday's Grave
Courtesy of GJhikes

11. Doc Holliday’s Grave

For those who don’t know, Doc Holiday was a gambler and a gunslinger who died in Glenwood Springs from tuberculosis back in the 19th century. Although he hoped that the hot springs water would cure him, he passed away and was buried right here in this mountain town. Nowadays, Doc Holliday’s Grave is a popular attraction here in Glenwood Springs and attracts thousands of travelers each year. Hike the short trail to the Linwood Cemetery where you will find his grave and memorial site.

White River National Forest
Courtesy of White River National Forest

12. White River National Forest

With nearly 3 million acres of land for recreation, White River National Forest is the most visited national forest in the country.  Whether you wish to go hiking, skiing, camping or just to admire the beautiful scenery, there is plenty to look forward to when visiting this charming destination.

Keep in mind that it can get quite windy at higher elevations and wearing warm clothes is recommended even if you are visiting in summer. There are many amazing attractions worth discovering in this national forest including destinations such as the Flat Tops Scenic Byway, Maroon Bells Scenic Area, and Crystal Mill.

Two Rivers Park
Courtesy of Glenwood Rec

13. Two Rivers Park

Offering easy river access, Two Rivers Park is the largest developed park in Glenwood Springs. It’s an ideal place to spend a couple of hours with the family and enjoy the park’s amenities such as the picnic areas, BBW spots, kid’s playgrounds, and horseshoe pits. There is also a baseball field at the park, as well as a lovely outdoor theater.

Courtesy of Outdoor Project

14. Grizzly Creek Trail

You’ve probably noticed by now that Glenwood Springs is definitely not short on hiking trails. If you are looking for a peaceful walking experience, we recommend taking the 3.4 miles long Grizzly Creek Trail. The hike takes you along the river and you will come across many pine trees, berries, and wildflowers. Open from April to November, it’s one of the easier trails in the area. You can even bring along your dog on a leash, as this is a pet-friendly trail.

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